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Carnival Of Small Business Issues - Edition 33

by CA on 15 January 2008

I am "CA" Atreya, the author of this blog. I help businesses in Atlantic Canada achieve their BHAG successfully. You may subscribe to this blog using a feed reader (RSS).

Carnival of Small Business IssuesWelcome to the 33rd edition of CoSBI.

The brief hiatus that I had over the past couple of months from the blog world has been beneficial. Taking breaks periodically is good. It alters the vision - akin to taking a step back. Your frame of vision changes to include the big picture. It is also a good time to ask some hard questions: What is this blog about? Who are my readers? Why do they visit or subscribe to my blog? And more …

I found a common theme that links the readership together: Quality of posts. This blog has built its way to Google’s SERP and now is the time for change. CoSBI will be changing - its scope, content and the way the posts are presented. It’s time to differentiate - to stand out from the plethora of carnivals out there. Watch the CoSBI for details.

So without further ado, here is the 33rd edition of CoSBI. Please consider bookmarking it using your favorite tool.


Chris Harris presents Data or Algorithms? – New venture outsourcing blog posted at New venture outsourcing blog, saying, “Coming from the data mining and machine learning field, a few friends of mine have been kicking around the idea of whether data or analysis is a more valuable asset. Obviously the two have a symbiotic relationship to be valuable together. If you can have both you’ll take it, but what if you had to choose?”

ERP Guru presents 10 Evaluation Criteria for Open Source ERP posted at Open Source ERP Guru.

Maria Gajewski presents What is Adaptive Capacity? posted at Never the Same River Twice, saying, “Adaptive capacity is the ability of a system to respond to change. Strong adaptive capacity “muscles” are important for organizations if fast-changing fields. This post explains the concept and includes tips for building adaptive capacity.”

Marcus Hochstadt presents First Class Progress, Or The Power Of Deadlines posted at Marcus Hochstadt, saying, “Many of us have encountered times where we are working on a project every day and it seems, somehow, we do not proceed in the way we intended to. What’s the cause? Why is that so? In this article, Marcus Hochstadt provides two techniques that can catapult your accomplishments to new heights, once and for all.”

Dorian Wales presents Risk Management – Pure Risk and Speculative Risk Explained posted at Personal Financier, saying, “Differentiating pure and speculative risks is the basis for correct risk management.”

Carol Bentley presents Does your business pass the ?Charlie the Plumber? test. . . posted at Carol Bentley.

Joshua C. Karlin presents The Single Most Important Thing Your Business (or Charity) Needs posted at Marketing & Fundraising Ideas.

Nikole Gipps presents Less, Part 1: Time posted at Small Business Essentials: News, Tips and Advice, saying, “Part 1 in a Series on how to make your professional life better by doing or using less.”

Charles H. Green presents Employee Engagement, Fog Sculpting, and Measuring Love posted at Trust Matters, saying, “The number 1 predictor of employee engagement is how good the manager is, but is that something you can actually manage?”


C. Worrall presents Protecting Your Business Against Fraud and Theft posted at CFO Yourself.



Tupelo Kenyon presents Is Food Your Medicine or Poison? posted at Tupelo Kenyon, saying, “Food is not what it used to be. In the relatively recent past, food was universally recognized as the fruits and nuts that grow on trees, the vegetables that grow out of the soil, plus some fish and game. If you were to take a ride in a time machine and show our ancestors what we eat today, they would recognize very little of it. For the most part, it’s over-packaged, over-processed, over-rated and under-nourishing. Every day, we choose our future health and vitality by what we choose to put in our mouths. Three times a day we have the opportunity to act upon our resolve to experience optimum health and vitality . . . at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bon appetit. (Enjoy soothing instrumental music as you read plus song selections with lyrics related to each article – all free.”

John Crickett presents 16 Ways To Motivate Employees posted at Business Opportunities And Ideas, saying, “There’s more to motivating staff than just paying them well. In this post you’ll find 16 different ways to motivate employees.”

Dawn Rivers Baker presents Welcome to the 21st century workforce posted at The Journal Blog, saying, “Much has been written about why working from home is a problem for employers and employees, but it’s only hard because of office-based expectations.”


Michelle Cramer presents How to Issue a Press Release posted at GreatFX Business Cards, saying, “A press release is a relatively inexpensive way (typically free, or close to it, depending on what you do with it) to get the word out about your business. But it is a process that many small business owners are not familiar with.”

Stephen Pierce presents Video Reveals The #1 Network Marketing Question For 2008 posted at DTAlpha TalkBack with Stephen Pierce.

Vandelay Website Design presents When Should You Monetize Your Website? posted at Prepare For International Markets posted at Get International Clients.

Laura Spencer presents Challenge: Can You Stump Business and Blogging? posted at Business and Blogging, saying, “Liz believes so strongly that every business can benefit from a blog that she has issued a challenge.”

Jason Voiovich presents State of the Brand from Ecra Creative Group :: by Jason Voiovich » Blog Archive » Guerilla marketing is not dead: The case of Shoreview’s Lost Sheltie posted at State of the Brand from Ecra Creative Group :: by Jason Voiovich, saying, “How to generate powerful awareness with a piece of white cardboard, a black marker, a stencil, and a lot of emotion.”

Jim presents 7 tips to boost profits before you close the box posted at Jim Logan, saying, “Here’s seven tips to boost revenue after the sale.”

Martin Russell presents The Danger Of Free posted at Benefits of Being in the Physical Information Product Business posted at KentonNewby.com.

Mark Riffey presents Bose understands what people want posted at Business is Personal.

Vahid Chaychi presents To Succeed As a Business Owner, You Have to Be Tough posted at Weboma.com, saying, “If you have a business owner or you work for the others businesses, you have to learn how to be organized and disciplined. Otherwise you will not have any success.”


Wanda Grindstaff presents Does Your Business Model Support Your Income Goals? posted at Creating Abundant Lifestyles, saying, “Does your business model support your income goals?”

Hill Robertson presents Don’t Sell Your Soul to Your JOB posted at Hill Robertson.

Sagar presents Balancing Work and Family: 100 Resources for Pregnant Career Women posted at Bootstrapper.

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