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Carnival of Small Business Issues - Edition 1

by CA on 8 May 2007

I am "CA" Atreya, the author of this blog. I help businesses in Atlantic Canada achieve their BHAG successfully. You may subscribe to this blog using a feed reader (RSS).

Carnival of Small Business Issues

Welcome to the first edition of the Carnival of Small Business Issues. Thank you, everyone for your submissions. We received some great posts - only ten made it through.

I received some posts past the submission deadline. I did attempt to include them too. Your post will be included in next week’s carnival if you do not see it here. Also, please submit your posts for next week’s carnival before Sunday, 13 May, 11:59 pm (Eastern Time).

I have created an image for the carnival - feel free to copy this image on your blog. I would also like to point out that this is an inclusive carnival - so if your post helps small businesses, chances are it will be included. But please, do not submit posts with just links: it does not add value and will not be included in the Carnival.

Without further ado, here are the ten submissions. Please link back and support the Carnival.

— ooOoo —

  • Bill Willard is a freelance copy writer, ghostwriter and an editor. Bill is also a guest writer at The Freestyle Entrepreneur. Bill helps small business owners and independent professionals get the job done. In his post, Disaster Planning for SBOs: Second Chances are Not Automatic, Bill highlights one very real risk that small business owners generally tend not to mitigate – disasters. “The threat of a disaster-related closure is especially great for small businesses because they usually lack the financial resources for recovery, ability to spread their risk across several geographic locations, ready access to alternative suppliers and other advantages that most large organizations possess.“
  • Lina Nash is a guest author at the Business Advice Daily. When your business reaches the tipping point, will it grow, stagnate or fail? Growing Business – Three Decisions for Growth highlights three critical growth factors: the right hire, change when necessary and delegate. “You may have started your business on a kitchen table … at first growth is manageable. But then it comes to a point … it’s that critical number of clients, business income or ROI. From that point on business can explode exponentially, continue with controlled growth or stagnate …”
  • Alvaro Fernandez (CEO of SharpBrains) is a McKinsey Alumnus who is fascinated by the science of brain fitness. Along with Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg, Alvaro is working on bringing the concept of brain fitness out of hospitals and military into our regular fitness routine. In his post Brain Exercise for the Frontal Lobes: McKinsey, Alvaro says, “Running a small company is probably as good of a “brain gym” as the best consulting firm …”
  • I discovered The Silicon Valley Blogger blog few weeks ago. I think it is one of the great blogs on business out there. Each post is well written and thought provoking (unlike some of mine). She works and resides in the land of technologists, venture capitalist and liberals. In her blog “Business 101: Teaching Myself Entrepreneurship”, she outlines some business lessons learned in 2006. “When you find yourself staring at a lemon, the cliché tells us to make lemonade” is just one of such lessons. We wish the Silicon Valley Blogger all the very best.
  • If you aren’t reading Debra Moorehead’s blog (Debramoorehead.com) you ought to. While her blog is dedicated to the development and empowerment of women business leaders,there are lessons in her posts that is applicable to everyone. In her post The Wal-Mart Pharmacist, she asks businesses to watch out for employees with a “I don’t work here attitude”. I can relate to the experience you outlined, Debra. Unfortunately, at large retail stores such as Wal-Mart, finding employees who take pride in their work is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Human Resources

  • John Lampard’s mantra is “where there is a will there is a way”. In his blog The InterChange Desk, he urges all career changers to embrace this thinking. His post Each to their own – teamwork versus going it alone explores the pros and cons of team-work. “Ultimately, it comes down to what works for you, as an individual. It is, however, something you need to think carefully about when considering work plans for the future.”
  • Gyan Sutra is a great name for a blog. They are Sanskrit words: Gyan – meaning knowledge and while Sutra has multiple meanings, the definition that fits the blog closest is: The source or origin of Dharma – a source of for teachings, practices, meanings or significance. I will let Sudhashu offer any differing opinions. “…every day that I spend sitting idle, that person [competitor] is still working…” – The rant of the entrepreneur.
  • People become entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons. Once they become CEOs of their respective organizations, I find a vast majority of them fall into the “invincible” trap; i.e. they feel they can do no wrong. We have checks and balances for the large or a public corporate CEO. Do you think we need such checks and balances for the small business CEO? I would love to hear your opinions on this subject at Who is the small business CEO answerable to?


  • After spending 28 years in the airline industry, Wanda Grindstaff at Creating Abundant Lifestyles realized she was surrounded by negative people. “Money is not everything, but it sure is extraordinarily important and allows you to do some wonderful things”. How true Wanda. She does present an interesting view about wealth and its effect on happiness in her post Prosperity and Abundance is Your Birthright - Living with Intent. “Do not buy into the myth that wealth is not for everyone”.


  • The Alexander Report aims to be a quality directory for the Fashion Industry. Dina Giolitto presents Is your Advertising…Sexy? “Talk to your customers the way Disney talks to theirs…they should feel like they are being heard, catered to, appreciated and understood”.


  • David Gross at The Picket Line says, “I take on faith the philosophical speculation that each of us has free will … [and] because I have free will, I am responsible for the actions I choose …” David started an experiment (and succeeded??) - stop paying taxes as a protest against the war in Iraq. It is not very often we find people living up to the values they believe in. All the best, David! I got so carried away by David’s blog that I have strayed miles away from his submission. So let me retrace my steps. It is not often that we get to read articles about the underground economy. So I usually perk up and pay attention when someone writes about this multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. David reviews Sudhir A. Venkatesh’s book “Off the Books: The Underground Economy of the Urban Poor. “In the ghetto, advertising and marketing, credit and capital acquisition, enforcement and regulation, and other aspects of commerce seem as easily conducted via informal channels and outside the government’s eye …”

— ooOoo —

That is it for this week’s Carnival of Small Business Issues. I hope you enjoy reading the nuggets of wisdom and insights presented by the respective authors.

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  • The Picket Line said:

    So far, Chisholm has been refusing to pay a symbolic amount, but he’s working to get under the tax line so he doesn’t have any federal income tax burden at all. Thanks to Carnival of Cities, Carnival of Small Business, and Carnival of the Capitalists for plugging The Picket Line recently.

  • Wanda Grindstaff said:

    Congratulations on your first edition. You have created a fabulous Carnival! Keep up the good work.

  • CA said:

    Thank you Wanda. I look forward to many more such great insights.

  • Creating Abundant Lifestyles said:

    [...] Blog it & Earn it Small Business Issues Powerful Living Made to Be Great Positive Thinking Living by Design Meditation, Yoga and Spritual Growth Personal Development Live the Power Personal Growth Joy Deliberate Creation Positive Mindset Careers in Middle Age [...]

  • Dave Prouhet said:


    Great first edition! Some very thought provoking articles. I really enjoy the synopsis you create.


  • The Freestyle Entrepreneur said:

    Bill Willard’s Disaster Planning article appears on Carnival of Small Business Issues over at CA’s Atlantic Canada’s Small Business Blog. Bill Sheridan’s “What Objection?” appears on Carnival of the Capitalists over at Carmen’s Race in the Workplace blog

  • CA said:

    Thanks Dave. I try :)

  • The Digerati Life said:

    Thanks for hosting! I particularly enjoyed what you said about each submission. Truly a great job! :)

  • CA said:

    Thanks for the compliments, Digerati Life. I am glad you enjoyed it. It is actually quality submissions make the carnival enjoyable.

  • Money and Personal Finance Blog In Silicon Valley said:

    Festival of Frugality - 31 Ways You Can Be Frugal Living by Design Blog Carnival No. 4 The DC Traveler Hosts a Carnival of Cities Carnival of Investing Stories #2 Carnival of Real Estate Link Post #41 Festival of Stocks #35 Carnival of Small Business Issues - Edition 1 Carnival of Luxury Winners Carnival of Financial Planning — May 10, 2007 Edition Bits of Beauty - Part 5 Tax Carnival #18: Tax Break Time … Maybe How to Solve Money Worries [IMG]

  • The InterChange Desk: Career change and Job search advice for the transitioning worker said:

    a little different my from my usual writings on career change matters it was nevertheless a fun undertaking! Thanks again for the invitation to participate Anthony! Also a number of posts here have also been featured on some blog carnivals, including IQI Strategic Management Inc, Life Insurance Lowdown, Career Intensity, Living by Design Blog, Balanced Life Center, and Creating Abundant Lifestyles. My thanks to the respective organisers for including my work. These blogs all feature a variety of articles on life balance and

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