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Carnival of Entrepreneurs: # 20

by CA on 25 April 2007

The last couple months has seen a number of firsts in my life - both personal and professional. Starting up a blog, writing (hopefully) quality content and the ability to meet and peer into the minds of some of the finest brains in the world of business - it has been an exciting journey. Hosting the 20th edition of the Carnival of Entrepreneurs is another first and has been a humbling experience.

Every post is unique (well … almost). Be it about Juan caving in to his mother’s wishes or Debra providing motivational tricks, it has been great meeting everyone and reading your thoughts. They say, it is not the quantity, but quality that matters. I am happy to report that this edition has both quality and quantity for the thirsty mind. So as my wife and I patiently await the birth of our first child anytime within the next week or so, have a great time debating the pros and cons of the various topics outlined herein.

One final note: Do support the carnival and link to this post and the original carnival page at startupspark.com

Everything Entrepreneurship/Small Business

  • Donald Latumahina at Life Optimizer is a learner with passion for IT and personal development. Currently his focus is on learning finance and business and that is what his post – 5 Practical Steps to Start Learning Finance and Business – is about. Donald also provides links to books that has guided him.
  • Juan Millón a.k.a. 1mil from Millionster.com is an idealist who “thinks big” and hopes to have a major impact in the lives of others; philosophical, pensive, sarcastic and witty (but also relies heavily on spell-check). The Hallmark of a Business Women is about how his mom pesters him (and succeeds???) into letting her use his business name and a website. I am sure we all want to know how this story ends … no … progresses. Keep us posted Juan.
  • The Entrepreneur’s Mind – Success will come when you focus on one great entrepreneurial business solution, that others want or need, and are willing to pay for. Allan at the Bastiat Free University stirs up the pot when he probes into the minds of an entrepreneur and a MBA starting a business.
  • Another story sure to stir the pot – as any small business owner may have gone through at some point in time when searching to register a domain name – Jon at Art of Money posts “Domainer – The Perfect Internet Business?” Love it or hate it – but you can’t ignore it.
  • It is a good thing that I read the “About me” section at The Digerati Life. I would never have guessed The Silicon Valley Blogger; a.k.a. “The Curly Willow Tree” is a mother of two. (I even blindly scrolled past the tile – “The Profile of a Valley Girl”. I am embarrassed.). **sheepishly** “Launching a startup is most certainly NOT like gambling at a casino near you, nor is it like a lottery…odds are stacked on your side.” – 3 Ways To Fund Your Business: How To Finance A Startup For The Best Growth.
  • Becky McCray at Small Business Survival asks Owen Mead-Robins (Oprius Software) to write about finding or developing a niche. “If you take a large group of people, is there enough of a difference to form a group inside that group?” POV - Finding your niche market.
  • Starting A Business With Pocket Change. “The problem is that almost all new businesses fail within the first couple of years…I have issues with losing boat-loads of cash in the process”. If, like Tina at Personal Financial Advice, you have a problem with this too, ;) you might want to check out her post.
  • When starting or growing your business, did you get your F.A.C.T.S right? Dave Lorenzo at The Career Intensity Blog shares the F.A.C.T.S. in this post titled Career Intensity that helped 20 businesses in Miami, double their revenue.
  • As a student entrepreneur, Dan Scudder at Outside the Valley would know a thing or two about bootstrapping. As a MA student in entrepreneurship, he would definitely know more than a thing or two on … well … entrepreneurship! “When you know how to leverage available resources at your college, it becomes less of a load to run your business and manage school work”. How to leverage college resources for your startup (Part 1). Student entrepreneurs out there … are you listening? That also gives non-student entrepreneurs an idea, doesn’t it?
  • Ever wondered what makes women entrepreneurs different from men entrepreneurs? Men dominate, women orchestrate. Need I say more? Thanks to Michelle at GreatFX Business Cards for this wonderful post.
  • More business ideas. In Several Freelancing and Self-employment Opportunities that are Wide Open, Scott Bannon at OBannons Leap explorers a number of different money-making options. “Keep in mind, when I say easy to launch, I don’t mean any monkey can do it. Each of these requires some minimal skill sets, a willingness to hustle and like any business, a commitment to providing services of value if you want to succeed.”
  • Paul at ExtremePerspective shares some really good perspectives if you are in business with your spouse - Spouses in Business Together. “In the beginning my wife was thrilled to be working alongside me, I’m not so sure that thrill is still there.”


  • “Life is to be lived. Live it to the fullest a moment at a time. I have stood on the edge; decided life is worth living…The next minute is not guaranteed; nor is another keystroke.” Makes your think, doesn’t it? The lives and times … of Anthony McCune presents Danger, Will Robinson! Caution, Life changing decision ahead!
  • Ririan Project is published by Ririan - a student whose passion is productivity, personal development, health, nutrition, leadership and GTD. 10 Golden Lessons from Steve Jobs. “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people’s thinking … have the courage to follow your heart and intuition…”
  • Alvaro Fernando at Brain Fitness presents a summary of the great Stanford Media X conference. Standford Media X: Cells that fire together wire together - “… the world does not come to us as neat disciplinary problems, but as omplex interdisciplinary challenges … we need to embrace change - a lot of it is coming!”

Design & Promotion

  • John Wesley at Pick the Brain does not read the latest news and trends that flutter in the breeze and disappear in a moment. Instead he focuses on learning about parts of life that have always and will always exist. His submission – Use Social Media Arbitrage to Drive Traffic with StumbleUpon - is a testament of that fact.
  • How does changing the color of your links help in generating revenue? Plenty, if you ask Chris Denny of Lead Optimize.com. The Sales Leads are in the Details is an interesting, err … detail … on website design and optimization. “Pay attention to the details. They can often make all the difference in the world.”

The “C” in Customer Relations

  • “If you want to sell, stop selling”, says Charles at Trust Matters. How true! Charles goes on to comment, “The guts of it all, at root, is utterly human, on our emotional level … Smart relationship building isn’t about today’s sale and as a result doesn’t try to use guilt to make the sale.” Great example of how not to sell, Charles. Trust-Destroying Selling.


  • Joshua Dorkin at Time for Blogging posts a case study om his post Improving Your Brand With Promotional Advertising. “For small companies starting out, one of the most important things to have, other than a great product or service, is a strong brand.”

Coaching/Personal Development

  • Verve Coaching is a Personal and Professional Development consultancy that provides revolutionary, thinking, cutting-edge training and expert advice for people and organizations dedicated to fulfilling their true potential. Creating a Culture of Productivity and Success explores three areas towards that goal: Organization, Participation & Contribution, and Leadership.
  • Paula Kawal at paula kawal.com passionately assists others climb to new heights, celebrating with them their many successes. The Truth About Clutter is all about mess. “When you enter the process of physically organizing your life to enhance your feelings of abundance, you also reorganize your thoughts, feelings and energy as well”.
  • DebraMoorehead.com is a site dedicated to the development and empowerment of women leaders from all walks of life. Debra says, “… there is one thing in all [women] have in common; we genuinely care about the people we lead…” I would say The Motivational Trick that Works - Every Time is a trick for everyone, not only women.

Show me the money!!

  • Getting Green is a webzine which discusses tips and tricks on how to get closer to financial independence. I wonder how many of us budget our personal finances. Matthew writes, “Creating a monthly budget is an absolutely critical component of having a successful financial life.” Using Software to Help You Budget takes away that excuse of not budgeting if you think you do not understand finance.
  • Matt at Adventures in Internet Marketing says, “…there are two factors that we need to be successful internet marketers/web publishers - quality content and traffic (made possible via quality links). The dullest ad the hardest part has always been to get links.” So Do You Really Want To Make A Lot Of Money?

Going Green

  • Vihar Sheth at green | rising is energized by issues pertaining to sustainability. Not sure if he advises against MBA or pursuig MBA while working ;). But he does make a case for using shipping containers for housing in his post “Reuse & Recycle: Turning Apples Into Oranges“.
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  • Jon Symons said:

    Nice Job. Wow, that’s a lot of fine reading material. Thanks for including my post.

  • Joshua Dorkin said:

    Wow is right! i’m not sure I’ve ever seen a carnival with so many posts included. Nice job. I’m glad you found my 2 posts worthy of this Mega Carnival!

  • Scott Bannon said:

    What a treasure of information! A couple of these are already on my regular reading list, but I’ll be adding to that now.

    Thank you for finding my own simple offering worthy of such great company.

  • Make Money Online - Online Business Inside Out said:

    [...]Carnival of Entrepreneurs which is being hosted at Atlantic Canada’s Small Business Blog. Here’s a couple other highlights from this jumbo sized carnival… From Bastiat Free University: Rather than spending time and money immersed in analysis and projections, the[...]

  • Bastiat Free University - self directed learning for visionaries said:

    [...]Growth Matters BFU rector Allan R. Wallace “Linkedin” Go It Alone entrepreneurs Kawsaki shares a bit of Orwell Micro Finance to aid the poor the personal MBA energies of creation carnival carnival of Entrepreneurs [...]

  • Personal Finance said:

    Hey there! awesome job hosting the carnival and thanks for including our submission!

    Juan Millon

  • CA said:

    Thanks Juan and you are welcome :)

    Jon, Josh and Scott - The pleasure’s all mine.

  • The Digerati Life said:

    Thanks for hosting! Great job with this huge carnival. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  • CA said:

    You are welcome. I am glad you are all enjoying it. cheers

  • Money and Personal Finance Blog In Silicon Valley said:

    [...]s Earth Day At The Carnival of Real Estate: I won the Carbon Award for this. Consumer Oriented Real Estate Carnival: General Wiggles Presiding: I won the role of Company Commander for this. Festival of Frugality #71 Carnival of Entrepreneurs #20 Carnival of Ethics, Values and Personal Finance Corporate Vigilance Fortnightly Personal Development Blog Carnival Living By Design, Blog Carnival #2 Ask Patty Blog Carnival Week Around the Auto World: April 23[...]

  • What Are The Best Entrepreneurship Blogs? said:

    [...] Just wanted to let everyone know that the Carnival of Entrepreneur’s will be starting again next week. This will be Carnival #22 as #19 was graciously hosted by Roberto Alamos and #20 by Atlantic Canada. So if you want to participate, submit now that killer post about entrepreneurship on the Blog Carnival website. I have already received 2 submissions with expectation we will be getting this going again.[...]

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